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A Hard Talk on Homosexuality by Very Revd Nicholas D. Okoh (Video)
The Primate of the Church of Nigeria Very Revd Nicholas Okoh gives a had talk on homosexuality. Please watch this
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Testimony of Heaven and Hell Experience 3rd Jesus’ Visitation : Oghenetega Samuel Emmanuel (Video)
This is the testimony of the third encounter of Jesus Christ”s visitation to a Oghenetega Samuel Emmanuel, a teenager whom
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A Message that Has Angered Many Youths (Mostly Girls) By Hosanna E.E. David
This is a message to the youths. A message preached by Hosanna E.E. David. This Sermon has angered many youths,
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Living worthy of our calling
This message encourages every Christian to live a life that is worthy of their calling; living as Light in a
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