Hello and welcome to EagleEyeOpener.com the official website of Hosanna David. Just as the name of this website suggests, like an eagle that sees faster and better from afar off than other birds and creatures, Eagle Eye Opener brings you divinely inspired Truths that are bitter, rare, enlightening, expository and non-discriminatory, but matched with the Word of God. This site exists solely to magnify the Almighty God, Jesus Christ the Lamb of God and the Holy Spirit. At Eagle Eye Opener your eyes are opened to see the true meaning behind hypocritical deeds, secrets in plain sight, secret signs and symbols; exposing satanic agenda that are thriving in our societies. This is an online pulpit where the eyes of men are opened to the True standard of the HOLINESS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS God has set for His people, the Church. Here, we beseech all Christians and the compromising Church of today to strip themselves of worldliness and return to the TRUE WORSHIP OF YAHWEH.

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YouTube Videos – Dreams, Visions & Prophecies - [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLWgKjGErtpD_O2HASQ9q3LraC1ftzS7Ku[/embedyt] Related Post Living worthy of our calling A Message that Has Angered Many Youths (Mostly Gir... The Jesuit Extreme Oath Exposed Abuja Declaration of 1989: Plans to Islamise Niger... Stay Clear Off Jaiz (Islamic) Bank: A Serious Warn... The ‘Black’ Pope: The Most Powerful Ma... It is better to die for the truth […]
“If I Use My Anointing On You And You Take My Tithe To Another Church, Your Life Will Be Destroyed” -Prophet Ojo Tells Deliverance Seeking Woman - A Nigerian pastor and General Overseer of the Freedom Foundation Apostolic Revival International Ministry (FARIM) church, Prophet Sam Ojo has come under attack after he demanded a plot of land from a woman before her child can be delivered. In the video posted online by Topaz Aya and a caption of her own, she said: […]
Rapture Alert! Little Girl Saw Jesus Coming in a Vision (Video) - This young girl (Fideris) was found worshiping by her mother in house while playing a worship song. As she was worshiping she was visited and was shown a Vision – a shocking vision that made her cry! Jesus Christ is coming!
You Are More Than Conquerors (Video Sermon) | Hosanna David - Jesus Christ has given us the victory through His death on the Cross of Calvary. We are therefore victors, even we are more than conquerors.  Please listen to this faith-building message preached by Hosanna David. Related Post The damages the Antichrist has done to the Church ... You Must be Born Again pt1 by Hosanna […]
Living Worthy Of Your Calling (Video Sermon) | Hosanna David - We have been called by God to represent Him on earth as the light of the world, through whom He might receive glory from men when they see our good works (Matthew 5:14-16). Hosanna explains, in this sermon, the reason we should live worthy of our calling as Christians. He calls on all Christians to […]
What God Told Me About Tithe Clears My Doubt - There had been a lot of controversies among Christians concerning the issue of tithe.  This controversy was sparked off recently majorly because of the luxurious lives many rich men of God live, mismanaging tithes and offerings, spending too much on frivolous things while the poor around them die of hunger. No Holy Spirit-led Christian can […]
Making The Best Use of Your Earth’s Last Moment | 2nd Word on The Cross (Sermon) - In this Good Friday message, preached by Hosanna David, the second Word of Jesus Christ on the Cross was critically examined. He stressed the need for Christians to make good use of their last opportunity when they are faced with death, just as Jesus Christ and the criminal on His right hand side did. He […]
Revelation of Roman Catholic Church and Islam - God told me a few years ago that the Roman Catholic will regain power. The Roman Catholic Church will grow powerful in the world. God revealed to me that it will be a very terrible time for true Christians who would not compromise their faith. They will face persecutions as before. History will repeat itself. […]
Divine Revelation: Exposing Demons Behind Lust, Sexual Immorality and Indecent Dressing - The Spirit of the holy God woke me up as I was sleeping on my bed. God asked me to write down what he wanted to reveal to me. This was in the early hours of Friday 11th December 2015. God spoke to me and revealed these things to me and commanded me to share […]
Warning From God to Bodybuilders - In the early hours of the morning on the 17th of January 2018 God gave me this message. It is a warning to bodybuilders and those who take steroids to alter their natural looks. Here is the message: “Tell bodybuilders that my children are to be as harmless as doves. Those who make themselves to […]